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Questions tagged [star-trek-the-motion-picture]

Refers to the 1979 film, the first in the Star Trek Movie series. Kirk, now an Admiral, takes control of the Enterprise to deal with an oncoming threat - a power of unprecedented power heading straight towards Earth. This tag is to be used when referring to this film. Use this tag with the [star-trek] tag.

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Gene Roddenberry and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

In Roddenberry's novelization Star Trek: The Motion Picture 40th Anniversary Edition there are some curious items that are added that I don't recall in the film or the series: Page 1: Starfleet ...
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Is there a hidden message or easter egg behind the number sequence in Star Trek The Motion Picture?

At the end of the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), it is revealed that at the center of the massive ship, V'Ger is the Voyager 6, a 20th-century Earth space probe believed lost in a black ...
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