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Use this tag for questions concerning uniforms and clothing required for the performance of duties in the Star Trek universe. These uniforms can be Starfleet issue, Klingon, Romulan, etc. Use this tag with the [star-trek] tag.

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When did the red shirt careers change to yellow shirts in Star Trek and why?

In the original Star Trek engineers and security officers wore red shirts but in ST:TNG engineers and security officers wore yellow shirts and command officers wore red shirts. Was it ever explained ...
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Why did Deanna Troi keep wearing a Starfleet uniform after Chain of Command?

For most of the series, she did not wear her uniform on duty like other members of the crew. However, after Captain Edward Jellico ordered her to wear her uniform in Chain of Command, Part I, she kept ...
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Why did Worf wear red in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Season 1?

I've read several questions and answers here about the uniform colours in Star Trek and their significance. E.g. this answer gives the following list of uniform colours covering the TNG era (with ...
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Has any Star Trek character appeared in all three division uniform colors?

Many characters have appeared in two colors. Examples: Red and Gold Worf -- entire seasons in each La Forge -- entire seasons in each Data -- red in several episodes, e.g. "Future Imperfect" ...
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Why is Counselor Troi in uniform in ST: TNG "Encounter at Farpoint"?

As you can see in the following image, everybody on the bridge wears a uniform, except Deanna Troi. But in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint", we see Deanna ...
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Meaning of uniform color in Star Trek Voyager

I was always wondering whether the color of the uniform has still a meaning in Star Trek Voyager. I used to believe this: Red: Commanders Yellow: Security and Engineers Teal: Medicine and Science ...
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Why didn't Star Trek: The Next Generation change their uniforms when Deep Space 9 came out?

DS9 came out during the 6th season of TNG. From the onset of the show, DS9 used uniforms that looked like this: However, TNG continued the use of this uniform(taken from episode 10 of season 7): ...
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Replicated Uniforms

In the DS9 episode "Move Along Home", when Bashir realizes he doesn't have a dress uniform, why doesn't he just replicate one? The general situation of DS9 isn't like that of Voyager, and so surely ...
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What is this man doing with a Starfleet mini-skirt?

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint", we see Deanna Troi wearing some kind of mini-skirt uniform. I did not remember this before, as Troi wore more casual clothing ...
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How do people carry things in Star Trek TNG?

In cast interviews, I remember a montage of everyone saying "pockets". The uniforms don't have them. On away missions, I think Crusher put her tricorder "away" on occasion, and other than someone who ...
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Why (out of universe) were the red and gold uniform colours in Star Trek swapped?

It is well known by most people with even a cursory knowledge of Star Trek that in the TOS era: Gold uniforms are worn by the command division. Red uniforms are worn by operations, engineering, and ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Why were DS9's uniforms different?

For DS9, they switched to the much less pajamic uniform style. TNG style: colorful body, collar, black shoulders, no undershirt. whereas DS9 style: black body, colored shoulders, grayish ...
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Why didn't Voyager update their uniforms after Pathfinder?

In Star Trek Voyager the episode Pathfinder ends with Starfleet reestablishing regular, semi-permanent communications with Voyager. After this point why didn't the crew of Voyager update their uniform ...
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Is there any significance of the colors of Starfleet Uniform?

Starfleet has the three uniforms - blue, gold and red in TNG onwards. I know that these each represent different areas, but is there a canon reason for why these colors were used for each area? e.g. ...
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How to take off a one piece uniform?

How do the people on the Enterprise (in Star Trek the Next Generation) take off the uniform in order to use the toilet? The uniform is a one-piece!
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When did Worf get a Klingon uniform?

I'm probably missing something, but in the episode REDEMPTION PT. 1, Worf resigns his commission to join Gowron and serve on the IKS Bortas. He lays down his com-badge in the observation lounge, and ...
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