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For questions about "Star Wars: Battlefront", a series of video games based in the Star Wars universe. Use this tag for questions about any of the Star Wars Battlefront games. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag.

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Has the Thermal Imploder ever been used in Star Wars canon?

In DICE's 2015 Battlefront, one of my favorite pickups was the thermal imploder. The look and sound was so satisfying. I was curious, has it ever been used or mentioned in Star Wars canon? I think ...
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Trying to ID a background music track from either Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) or Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

There’s this ambient song from a level in one of these games with female vocals. It was very somber as opposed to the usual exciting and bombastic sound of other tracks. I’m trying to identify it from ...
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Star Wars: Battlefront II EA Trailer - Who is the figure in red giving Versio orders?

** WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD ** Judging by the color and style of his apparel, I am guessing he is perhaps a member (or ex-member) of the Imperial Guard. Possibly the Captain. Because the ...
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Is it possible that x-wings, y-wings, a-wings, and TIEs fought in the Battle of Hoth?

The canon book Battlefront: Twilight Company reveals that the Empire used at least one clone turbo tank at the Battle of Hoth. This basically says that the events of the Battle of Hoth are not limited ...
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How do Droidekas fire blasters through their shields?

In the Star Wars universe, it's usually the case that shields can block energy weapons (blasters, lightsabers, lasers) but don't do much against physical objects (rocks, bullets, spacecraft). This is ...
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How canon is Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)?

The 2015 video game Star Wars: Battlefront is largely a multiplayer shooter. But it was released after the Star Wars canon wipe of 2014, so it's ostensibly canon. Obviously the accomplishments of ...
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