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Use this tag for questions specific to character Finn/FN-2187 - hero of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other sequel films. Use this tag for questions about the character, not those that merely mention him. Use this with the [star-wars] tag.

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Why does John Boyega play Finn with an American accent?

Accents in Star Wars are famously all over the place. There are lots of examples where the actor's natural accent leads to a bit of dissonance within the general rule of commoners=American, ruling ...
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How did Finn learn to understand Chewie so quickly?

When Finn meets Chewie, he's astounded that Han can understand him - and I can see where he's coming from: it all sounds the same to someone who didn't grow up with those phonemes, i.e. we can't tell ...
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How can Finn pilot this vessel?

In The Force Awakens, it's mentioned at least twice that Finn is not a pilot. First, when Finn rescues Poe: Poe: Why are you helping me? Finn: Because it's the right thing to do. Poe: You need a ...
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How did these characters survive in The Last Jedi?

In the final battle on Crait, the Resistance tries to destroy the First Order's big fancy battering ram. Finn and Rose end up crashing right in front of this weapon and the entire first order army. ...
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How did Rose catch up to Finn?

At the end of movie: I assume: Finn and Rose has the same v[m/s] which is constant Rose has bigger s[m] pattern for time for v=const -> t=s/v Verdict: She can't hit him. Or maybe she was faster? ...
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What was the message Chewbacca told Rey he would deliver to Finn?

In The Last Jedi, However, their conversation slips into Shyriiwook and (most of?) the audience couldn't understand what was said. What was Rey's message to give Finn?
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Why did Han Solo say "That's not how the force works"? [duplicate]

A certain interaction between Han Solo and Finn has really been bothering me lately. While infiltrating Star Killer Base, just before they go in to rescue Rey, Finn reveals to Han that he doesn't ...
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Did Sidon Ithano and his crew survive the Battle of Takodana?

In The Force Awakens, Finn briefly joined the crew of the pirate Sidon Ithano, for a passage to the Outer Rim. While boarding the Meson Martinet nearby Maz Kanata's castle, Finn witnessed the ...
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What does Finn personally think of his past?

Here's what got me thinking about this: During the battle on Takodana, Finn takes a blaster rifle from a dead or incapacitated Stormtrooper and shows off his incredible shooting skills (Apparently he ...
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How did Finn think the Force would work?

In The Force Awakens, the following conversation takes place, on Starkiller Base: Han Solo: People are counting on us. The galaxy is counting on us. Finn: Solo, we'll figure it out. We'll use ...
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What battles from before the Clone Wars would Finn have been studying?

In the book Before the Awakening, a passage says that Finn was training through some historical battle simulations: For the better part of a week, they studied and were repeatedly tested on different ...
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How could Finn know about Han Solo, given Finn's upbringing?

In The Force Awakens, we learn that Luke has vanished and is now the stuff of myth and legend Han also vanished from the spotlight, having left the Republic/Resistance and is living on the DL as a ...
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Are Rey and Finn in Love?

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are a lot of intense emotional scenes between Rey and Finn, especially at the end of the movie. But it's not clear if this is supposed to be a romantic subplot ...
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Why does the Resistance trust Finn so easily?

It seems strange to me that one act of helping Poe escape would enable The Resistance to trust a former soldier of the First Order. He could have easily been a spy sent to gain their trust and then ...
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What were FN-2187's specific duties in sanitation? [duplicate]

What is sanitation? What does he do? I'm not look for the why. Does it have something to do with garbage? The garbage compactor?
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Is there any canon evidence that FN-2187 actually worked in sanitation?

Finn tells Han that he worked in "Sanitation" on Starkiller. FINN The flooding tunnels are over that ridge. We'll get in that way. HAN What was your job when you were based here? FINN Sanitation. HAN ...
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What is Finn's birth name?

In The Force Awakens, Finn indicates that stormtroopers are kidnapped and indoctrinated at a young age. This would imply that they have family-assigned names before joining the First Order. Do any ...
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Is Finn capable of turning to the dark side?

Consider that Finn has all the hallmarks of a typical action hero. Compare him to Jason Bourne: Both are highly trained and skilled soldiers defecting from an overreaching government with ...
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Does Finn have any strengths?

Throughout entire Force Awakens, Finn has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't know Millenium Falcon has 2 guns, he's a terrible fighter, and he is always trying to run away. In addition he is a ...
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Why was FN-2187 working in sanitation?

Question as stated. I haven’t seen anything to suggest it was punishment for an offence (he didn’t seem to have ever committed any) or that he was only useful for that particular assignment (he was ...
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In The Force Awakens, how is it that Finn knows sword combat?

We see that Finn can fight with a lightsaber, Is this something that's part of his back story that we're going to find out later, or is there some little-known fact about Stormtroopers that they're ...
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Was the TFA battle on Jakku FN-2187's first battle?

Finn is portrayed as a first-timer on the battlefield. Wandering and watching, but definitely not fighting. When given a direct order to fire, he is immediately noticed by Kylo. Finn decided not to ...
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Why was Finn advertised as the Force wielder in the trailers and posters?

In the trailers and posters, it was Finn who was about to fight Kylo Ren and it was Finn who was holding the Lightsaber. I was so confused when I saw Rey be the Force wielder. I know they probably ...
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Does FN-2187 have an above-average empathy level?

In the YA book Before the Awakening, the stormtrooper leadership has the following discussion regarding performance of their soldiers: "FN-2187 has the potential to be one of the finest ...
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Is Finn Force Sensitive?

In this question in the notes, we'd like to establish for or against a canon statement that Finn is a Force-wielding individual. He can seemingly use a lightsaber effectively, but I don't believe the ...
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How was Finn socialized?

Finn was raised and trained for one purpose: to be a trooper in coldblooded service to the apparently fascist First Order. Based on this I'd expect him to have significant anti-social programming. So ...
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Is there any evidence that Lando Calrissian is Finn's father? [duplicate]

After watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens I heard people claiming that Lando Calrissian is Finn's father. Is there any evidence that he actually is or counter-evidence that he's not?
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Why was Finn on Jakku?

In the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we meet Finn Finn experienced an act of conscience due to that event. Towards the end of the film, Finn reveals that So, my question is - how did ...
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Is Mace Windu Finn's father? [closed]

Finn knows nothing about his family because he was taken while he was very little. But a black main character makes me think (not being racist guys). And when he used the lightsaber I thought that ...
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