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For questions about the "Star Wars Holiday Special", a 1978 TV movie featuring the characters from the Star Wars franchise as they attempt to join Chewbacca's family for the Life Day celebration, featuring several skits and guest star segments. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag.

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What is "Life Day" supposed to be a celebration of?

Last night some of us watched the Star Wars Holiday Special. We probably shouldn’t have done that, but now that we have, I was wondering what the Wookiee holiday of “Life Day” is all about. The ...
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Which level of canonicity does the Star Wars Holiday Special hold, relative to other works? [duplicate]

For instance, it predates everything except the first two movies. Additionally, Han Solo eventually shows up, and Luke and Leia are both there as well. I will post followup questions regarding the ...
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Why wasn't Chewbacca's family arrested for their connection to him?

Chewbacca was well-known as a Rebel hero and enemy of the Empire. His immediate family, Lumpawaroo, Mallatobuck and Attichitcuk made no attempt to hide their relation to him or their existence from ...
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What's with the lightsaber microphone in the Star Wars Holiday Special? [closed]

I realize that asking a Watsonian question about the Star Wars Holiday Special is probably an exercise in futility. However, this has been bugging me for years, so I'm asking this now, knowing there ...
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What was Boba Fett's intention in the holiday special cartoon?

Watching the cartoon section in the Star Wars holiday special, I couldn't understand what Boba Fett was actually trying to do I understand that he was trying to hand over the rebels to Darth Vader, ...
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Is Luke Skywalker a human? [duplicate]

While watching the Star Wars Holiday Special a segment near the middle includes a cartoon where C3PO talks about a virus that only effects humans (referring to Luke who had previously passed out). Is ...
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