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Stardust is a fantasy novel written by Neil Gaiman, in several editions with illustrations by Charles Vess, and also adapted into a movie in 2007. The town of Wall holds a very simple portal into the world of Faerie, and Tristran, a half-fae raised in Wall, journeys through it to find a fallen star to prove his love to Victoria.

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Why isn't Tristram bound by blood law?

In Stardust, Septimus is bound by "blood-law" to revenge Primus. Why isn't Tristram bound by this as well, since blood-law seems to apply to the Stormhold lineage.
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How can Tristran believe this about his adopted mother?

Near the beginning of Stardust, Tristran Thorn is not allowed to go to a Faerie Market, presumably because his birth mother is from Faerie and his parents are worried about losing him. We then hear ...
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Stardust book to film differences?

Stardust can refer to: a novel by Neil Gaiman; the 2007 film adaptation of this novel. Although the underlying storyline is the same in both the book and the film, there are numerous differences in ...
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How does Una get those Babylon candles?

In the 2007 film Stardust (based on the Neil Gaiman novel), Babylon candles appear several times: Una (Tristan's mother) takes one from a cupboard in Ditchwater Sal's caravan and gives it to Tristan. ...
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Does time pass differently in Stormhold than it does in England?

In the 2007 film Stardust, protagonist Tristan has one week until Victoria's birthday in which to find the fallen star and return with it. By the time he ends up on Captain Shakespeare's airship, two ...
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What was the "Fellowship of the Castle" in Stardust?

The captain of the air ship that saves Tristran belongs to the "Fellowship of the Castle", which seems to be a group whose goal is to help Tristran. Is this the only mention of the fellowship, or is ...
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