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A fictional method of storing living beings which allow them to survive long periods of time without ageing in a deep form of sleep.

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1970s-80s novel. Man finds himself and 2 primitive females trapped in an alien zoo planet

Pretty sure it was a USA Paperback. Man wakes up from a stasis chamber in a cave(?) finds himself in a deserted environment. (jungle/plains/river). He finds 2 other stasis chambers (they slow time as ...
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Sci-Fi episode where half of the people are kept in stasis

This must be real easy if someone knows the title, but google searching for the plot is pretty much useless - I tried it for an hour and still nothing. It’s about a dystopian world with too many ...
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Looking for book: Earth TV star kidnapped by aliens. Earth about to be moved and put in stasis for 1000 years

This is a 60's book. Probably ACE. an Earth TV star fakes launch into orbit as part of his role. He is off on a yacht with a girlfriend. However, he is seen as the most popular person on earth and is ...
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Short story from 80s or 90s about man waking up from stasis

I read a short story about a man who was placed into some type of stasis. Can you tell me the name of this story? The story starts with the man regaining consciousness but does not have sight or use ...
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Why does Jim think he'll die before reaching Homestead II?

In the movie Passengers, the writers got a lot of details about how an interstellar starhip would work, from the heat shield to artificial gravity. But there was one detail that they only glanced upon ...
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Searching for title: short story or book from 80's, young man on a ship wakes from stasis every year on his birthday

The young man wakes up every year from stasis for just one day. He's on a space ship heading for a planet to colonize, I think. The first time he wakes, the computer leads him to a nursery full of ...
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Help remembering a story where partial stasis is taking place [duplicate]

I have forgotten most of the story plot, but I think it starts with a guy being taken from his home planet aboard a ship. It's not an FTL ship which has a stasis field, chemical injections or ...
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Why are Thrintun-era stasis boxes not opened with remotely controlled or autonomous robots?

A number of Known Space stories involve the opening of stasis devices, an act which poses the serious risk of releasing one or more live Thrint (Slaver) or Tnuctip. If a Thrint is released, its ...
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A rapture to the end of time story, kind of like "The Last Question" but not

I am trying to find a story I read a few years ago that involves young girl on Earth who accepts an invitation to leave the planet shortly before its doom in a "rapture" style event where all ...
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Neuber’s Italy; civilization game where players take on the role of world leaders

Paperback, Golden age science fiction. In this story, long-term sleep is fully developed and an integral part of society. The more important or wealthier a person is, the longer they can afford to ...
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What sci-fi short story featured a man waking up from stasis several times over millennia?

I read this story in a sci-fi anthology in the mid 90s, but I remember thinking the book looked pretty old by then. The story is about a man who wakes up from stasis / cryogenic sleep in the future, ...
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Story identification. Wife in stasis chamber

My colleague was talking about books he read and told me this story, but he did not know who wrote it or what the title was. As far as he knows it was an Asimov short story but he's not sure. The ...
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Child with others in stasis on spaceship - wakes up due to malfunction

Back when I was in the 4th or 5th grade, around 1993-1994, I read a book that was about a child who with a bunch of other people were put into a stasis to travel in a spaceship but at some point his ...
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In Star Trek, what uses would an astrophysics lab have for a stasis unit?

At the beginning of TNG: Starship Mine, Captain Picard tells Dr. Beverly Crusher to arrange with Geordi La Forge to beam a stasis unit from the ship's astrophysics lab. Why would an astrophysics lab ...
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Title/Author search: read late 70's, last human revived from stasis, intelligent forest

Looking for title and author. This is a novel I read back in high school. Ended on what appeared to be a cliff-hanging transition to a follow on novel. I wasn't crazy about the story, but did wonder ...
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Seeking story about time slowing, couple in stasis, end of the world

I remember reading this in an anthology over 15 years ago: A married couple lives in an automated house/citadel that satisfies their every need. Somehow, it also preserves them; life is so stable and ...
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Is there FTL travel in the "Alien" franchise?

A common event in the Alien movies is people being placed in stasis for long periods of time, presumably because space travel is a slow and arduous process. Given the vast distances between even the ...
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