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Questions tagged [stephen-baxter]

For questions about the SciFi works by Stephen Baxter, a British hard SciFi writer. Only use for questions about the author themselves, for questions about his works use the more specific work tag instead.

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Titan by Stephen Baxter- why land in 3 vehicles?

In Titan by Stephen Baxter, a heavily modified space shuttle with two capsules in its cargo bay lands on Titan, but the two capsules detach and land separately before the shuttle re-enters. Since they ...
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Does Stephen Baxter's Silverhair (Mammoth trilogy book #1) contain maps in any edition?

I cannot locate my print copy, it's probably in a box in the "closet of doom". But it's the mass market US, and might not be exactly the same typesetting as others. lists several ...
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In "The Time Ships" by Stephen Baxter, Do Constructors Become Watchers?

Obvious spoilers. Don't read this question unless you've read the book. At the end of The Time Ships, our protagonist, is taken to the beginning of his current universe's time by the Universal ...
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Was the Seeker a devolved Xeelee?

In Stephen Baxter's short story Cilia of Gold, part of the Xeelee Sequence, the human characters encounter two important things - the remains of a crashed spacecraft on Mercury, whose hull material ...
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Stephen Baxter story about female space explorer competing with an alien

Can someone remember the title of this story by Stephen Baxter? It probably appears in the collection "Vacuum Diagrams". A female space explorer finds a planet with some kind of valuable ancient ...
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3 answers

Can "Time Ships" be read without "Time Machine"?

The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter is a continuation of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. I haven't read either book, but I have read a little information about both. I find The Time Ships far more ...
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Why did the Qax want to destroy the human race?

In Timelike Infinity, the Wikipedia plot summary states The future Qax takes two Spline ships … through the gate and on the journey reveals to Parz the reason behind its desire to completely ...
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Why weren't there any aliens in Time?

I recently finished listening to an audio book version of Stephen Baxter's Time. I listened to almost the entire story but I missed a few short segments due to various distractions and it was ...
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What are these nonsense paragraphs in Stephen Baxter's Weaver?

I'm sorry for the bad quality. However we really did as what you said. To make things clear, could you please give me name of jobs with bad quality? If possible, the errors with picture. Only told ...
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What is Yuri Eden's real name?

I have just read Stephen Baxter's PROXIMA. Early on in the the novel they mention that the protagonist's name "Yuri Eden" is not his real name. Yuri is the nickname he was given on Mars, Eden is the ...
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Why would Cornelius send back the message?

In Manifold: Time, by Stephen Baxter, why would Cornelius send back a message back in time through the blue portal to himself that identified Cruithne? If he didn't send the message, he would never ...
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Did Stephen Baxter or Arthur C. Clarke's estate ever comment on continuing "A Time Odyssey"?

2007 book "Firstborn", the third and last book of "A Time Odyssey" trilogy by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke - an "orthoquel" to "2001: A Space Odyssey" - ends with a cliffhanger which obviously ...
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In the Time Odyssey series, is there going to be a sequel to Firstborn? [duplicate]

Wikipedia says that an edition of Firstborn calls it the conclusion. After reading Firstborn, I was looking forward to the next book, where I hoped we'd see But I see that Arthur C. Clarke died ...
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