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For use either on questions seeking identification of a speculative fiction stop-motion film, short film, or TV show (add [story-identification]) or for wider genre questions about stop-motion speculative fiction as a whole (generally together with the [history-of] tag).

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Film or series with a talking crescent-shaped creature made of quartz

Background I saw this on South African television in the late 80s (or the early 90s). I think it was a film, though it might have been an episode of a series. This version was dubbed in Afrikaans. I ...
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Movie which includes a scene where a man gets bugged by red winged devils / demons

I need your help to find a specific movie for my best friend. As a child somewhere around the end of the 80's or the beginning of the 90's he saw a certain scene on TV that scared the hell out of him ...
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Mice build a city with cheese and then eat it [closed]

This is an old movie, probably made in the 80s that I saw as a kid and any attempts to find it have failed so far. Here are the details that I can remember (though some of them might not be correct or ...
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Stop motion short involving a robot taking over other robots in an apocalyptic wasteland

I don't remember much from this animation but I remember it being around maybe 17 min and being made maybe in 2012. It was set in some kind of apocalyptic wasteland. There was a scrap metal robot that ...
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Eerie stop-motion short film about a character with amnesia in underground, concrete tunnels

This was a stop-motion short animation I think produced in the early 2000s. It took place in a series of concrete corridors in the walls of a deep cylindrical shaft into the earth. The inhabitants ...
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Stop motion animated film- Santa Claus goes to war with giants

This was on TV god knows how long ago- I guess the upcoming holidays shook my memory of it loose. Like I said it was stop motion animated, and claimed to tell the story of Santa Claus, but in this ...
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Looking for an animation episode I can't remember the name of

I first saw this in a clip from the Youtube series "Childhood Trauma" where influencers would speak of what shows traumatised them as a kid. I can't find his video after hours of searching ...
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Name of old, animated kid's film from back in the late 70s, early 80s about a falling star, placed as headlight in car

I'm looking for the name of an old children's film I watched back in school in the late 70s, early 80s. The style of the movie was what got me: it was a stop motion film, but drawn in crayon, taking ...
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Russian stop-motion animation about a love story between a female being made of light, and a male monster that looked something like a satyr

I was at an Alamo Drafthouse this weekend, and they usually have a fun pre-show with all kinds of strange bits and clips and such. This weekend they had one that really caught my attention, a short ...
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