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Questions tagged [studio-ghibli]

For questions about "Studio Ghibli", a Japanese film-making studio behind "Howl's Moving Castle", "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away", "Me Neighbour Totoro", "Grave of the Fireflies" and many others.

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Why did Lisa leave Sosuke and Ponyo alone?

During the night of the storm, Lisa sees lights from the senior center where she works and decides she needs to leave to check on the people there. She does this even though it leaves two five-year-...
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What does the Cat Bus eat?

Mei and Satsuki, waiting for their father at the bus stop, encounter Big Totoro. He's also waiting for the bus. But what a bus! There is a tense moment when the Cat Bus grins at them, showing all his ...
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Is this scene from Kiki's delivery service reference to Superman?

At the end of the movie Kiki's delivery service there is a scene where reporter shouts: "Is it a bird? No, no it is a girl. A witch!" At least it is this way in English subtitles on Netflix. That ...
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Do we have any information on where pigs in Spirited Away come from?

Spirited Away has a bath house full of spirits who serve and feed their spirit visitors. And one of the sources of their food are the pigs they keep in pig pens. We know that those pigs are edible, ...
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A story about a boy and a girl, the girl likes the boy who turned into a dove or pigeon

I watched this when I was little, I don't remember it clearly, I really dont know how the movie goes until now but it somehow...touched my heart...I wanted to find this movie, Maybe it's an anime. I ...
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Why does Sosuke call his parents by their first names?

In Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Sosuke calls both of his parents by their first names. It is clear they both are his born parents. This is uncommon even in western culture, but in Japanese ...
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Why didn't Ashitaka cut off his arm?

I don’t understand Japanese so I only know the story based on the English subtitles. Is there a reason given to explain why Ashitaka couldn’t have cut off his arm to stop the curse spreading?
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In Princess Mononoke, what was the possible route across Japan that Ashitaka took while investigating the iron ball

I am not familiar with the Japanese landscape and geography, but I'm curious: what region of Japan was the eastern forest mentioned in the movie? what is the probable location of Iron Town?
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What Japanese myths/beliefs are referenced in Ponyo, and why was tasting blood relevant?

I rewatched Ponyo recently, and there are quite a few briefly touched on, but not thoroughly explained, mystical elements that left me wondering rather I was missing part of the allusions. I'm not ...
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Is eating in Miyazaki films tied to Japanese culture?

In several Miyazaki films, eating seems to hold strong weight as a method of performing magic. For example: Spirited Away: Chihiro's parents are transformed after eating the spirits' food No Face ...
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Why does Jiji not talk at the end of the movie?

In the film, Kiki's Delivery Service, the small black cat that Kiki keeps with her a sort-of familiar is Jiji. Jiji can talk, and is quite incisive, really. In the middle portion of the film, Kiki ...
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A fish with a [human] face will bring a tsunami. Is this an actual Japanese wives' tale?

In the movie Ponyo when Sōsuke brings the fish he rescued to the nursing home his mom works at and shows it to the old ladies in wheelchairs, the grumpy old lady screams that a fish with a [human] ...
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