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Questions tagged [sunshine]

For questions about "Sunshine", a 2007 British sci-fi film by Danny Boyle, the crew of the space-ship "Icarus II" are sent on a mission to re-ignite Earth's dying sun using a stellar bomb with the same mass as Manhattan.

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12 votes
3 answers

Who was the villain in Sunshine?

Ostensibly it's Pinbacker, the captain of the Icarus I who appears to have had a religious experience with the Sun. Following this, he becomes insane (or enlightened) and sabotages the original Icarus ...
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Why did the villain of Sunshine flicker?

Why did the villain of Danny Boyle's 2007 movie, Sunshine, flicker? Also, did he have "superpowers" (he seemed able to either run really fast or phase/teleport)?
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In Sunshine (2007) what is this flashing face about?

During watching of Sunshine (2007) I've noticed flashing face (approximately 49'39"), when crew members were moving on the Icarus I board: What is it about?
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Why does the Icarus ship in Sunshine need a crew at all?

In the movie Sunshine, why does the Icarus ship even need a crew at all? Even with our current technology we are able to remotely send ships to (and land on) distant planets. So why couldn't the ...
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How does gravity work on the Icarus?

Sunshine doesn't strike me as the most scientifically inaccurate film, and how it deals with gravity has caught my attention. The Icarus (I & II) seems to have long cylindrical compartments, with ...
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2 answers

Why was Capa allowed to help fix the shield?

Throughout the movie Sunshine we are shown that each crew member has a job that shows his/her importance to the mission. From what I can gather, Capa seems to be of the highest priority, even more so ...
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How does the shield work in Sunshine?

The shield in the movie Sunshine (2007, Danny Boyle), appears to be made of "panels", that seem to move to face the Sun. How does it work? I mean, I know it's not exact science, but surely there was ...
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In the movie Sunshine, lack of air becomes an issue

In the movie Sunshine, the explosive package is in a vast chamber attached to the shield, presumably filled with air. Why was oxygen deprivation an issue earlier in the film? A football team could ...
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Why was the spaceship named such in Sunshine movie?

In Sunshine (2007) movie the spaceships were named Icarus I and Icarus II , but Icarus was the first person who tried to go to Sun and died in the process. Why name a spaceship in such a way which is ...
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Limit distance of the spontaneous combustion zone

In the movie sunshine, a spaceship is travelling towards the sun to put a bomb in it to allow it to shine again (hence the title). The spaceship has a massive shield/deflector at the front to protect ...
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In the movie "Sunshine" how are they planning to escape after dropping the payload?

From the title, what was the original plan to go back to earth after dropping the payload? From my perspective, the payload is attached to the shield, if my perspective is correct, isn't this a ...
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