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For questions about the 1978 film "Superman". Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag.

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In Superman (1978), did two Supermen exist at one point in time?

In the movie Superman (1978), Superman flies around the world in one direction to make the Earth go back in time, and then he stops and then flies around the Earth in the opposite direction to restore ...
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How long was Kal-El learning in the Fortress of Solitude?

I’m assuming the Christopher Reeve films from the '70s/'80s were not canon or very accurate to canon. However, in the first classic film, Superman: The Movie, we see that he spent approximately 12 ...
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Is there any hard evidence as to what year(s) "Superman: The Movie" (1978) occur(s)?

Are there any definitive, objective, in-story determinations as to when "Superman" takes place, like a dateline visible on a copy of The Daily Planet, or a throwaway line like, 'It's 1978, ...
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Do Kryptonians breathe?

In the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and in Superman Returns, Krypton is portrayed as a planet with not much of an atmosphere on whose surface the Kryptonians obviously live in a very ...
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Was the casting of Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard in Superman (1978) a reference to, or inspired by, Mutiny of the Bounty (1962)?

I just noticed that in the 1978 Superman film, Jor-El’s main antagonist on the planet Krypton—the Moliom who orders Jor-El not to create panic with his theory of the planet’s immanent destruction—was ...
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Is there a picture of Lex Luthor's desk from the "Superman" movie?

I have acquired a desk that was supposedly a prop in Superman the Movie, shot in Calgary, Alberta. I would like some way to authenticate if it's the original.
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Are there any significant omissions, deletions, or differences between the Reeve-era Superman movies and the novelizations?

Are these books strict novelizations? Do they show any significant divergence from the final version of the films? Were they written based on the theatrical releases?
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What are the spinning circles that form the barrier that holds Zod and his minions called in the '78 Superman movie?

What are the spinning circles that form the barrier that holds Zod and his minions called in the '78 Superman movie? They kind of look like Hulu hoops circling in tandem.
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Why did Marlon Brando want the "S" to be the symbol of the "House of El"?

This is a follow on from a prior question, to get some details on the "S" symbol. Prior to the 1978 Superman movie the "S" Symbol had no fixed source. However, it is stated that 'it was Marlon ...
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Do they refer to Albert Einstein on planet Krypton in Superman?

My recollection of the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves shows baby Superman heading to earth in a rocketship. Along the way the rocketship talks to Superman teaching him things. At ...
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How did Superman turn back time in the first movie?

In this what-if xkcd there is this question and answer about Superman: In the first Superman movie, Superman flies around Earth so fast that it begins turning in the opposite direction. This ...
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What is this anomaly that Superman's spacecraft passes on his way to Earth?

Because it is a flame, it almost looks alive as Superman's craft passes it. As if it is observing him. Time code 22:00 in Superman: The Movie. Update: There is likely no canonical answer. I'm ...
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