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Questions tagged [sybill-trelawney]

Character Tag for Sybilll Trelawney, the Divination professor from the Harry Potter Series.

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Did Dumbledore create the Divination position just to get the prophet (Sybill) under Hogwarts protection?

Did Dumbledore needed to protect Sybill Trelawney from Voldemort's clutches (we can see that when he refuses to kick her out of the castle in the fifth book, after she's sacked by Umbridge). Does ...
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1 answer

How did Trelawney know Snape interrupted her interview with Dumbledore (and her prophecy)?

Sybill Trelawney does not know when she does actual prophecies. "She does not know — and I think it would be unwise to enlighten her — that she made the prophecy about you and Voldemort, you see....
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What was the use of the subject Divination?

Why was divination taught at Hogwarts? Just for that subject, Dumbledore had to hire a fraud like Sybill Trelawney. I know it was because of her prophecy that Dumbledore and wizarding world knew ...
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