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For questions about symbiotes in works of speculative fiction. Always use in conjunction with the appropriate work tag or a "content" tag such as [story-identification].

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Old story about plant symbiont-enabled simulated paradise [duplicate]

I'm looking for an SF short story in which the protagonist has a vision of the future in which all humans end up living in tanks filled with a plant-like or algae-like symbiont. The people in the ...
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What story has an alien symbiote bond with a human in a cave?

I'm looking for a story (novelette, short, etc) I've read in an anthology, about a human running from pursuit who lands in a planet and enters in a cave where something falls on his shoulders and he ...
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2 answers

Short story about a woman and an alien symbiote who live in the vacuum in Saturn's rings

I read this short story before 2000, possibly in the '80s. It is about a woman who usually lives out in the vacuum of space, I believe in the rings of Saturn, and survives through connection to a ...
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searching for a space opera novel with a planet of monks who controlled a monopoly on functional immortality via plant-based biotech

A space opera novel with a planet whose inhabitants are a group of 'monks' with a quasi-religious monopoly on functional immortality. There's a parasitic/symbiotic plant organism (I don't remember if ...
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Are joined Trills responsible for the crimes of their predecessors?

I was watching the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode, "Dax", wherein a hearing is conducted about whether Jadzia Dax should be extradited for murder and treason committed by Curzon Dax. I know ...
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Old SF novel series possibly called "Riders"

I am looking to identify a series or at least an individual volume of pulp(ish) sf. Probably, but not definitely, dating from the 1970's. I was given the volume in question by an aunt. I was a school ...
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1 answer

Novella where a man bonds with an alien who lives inside of him

A book I read in the early 70s, novella-length. A man bonds with an alien who lives inside him and keeps him alive for centuries. Basically immortal.
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Illustrated science fiction story about a astronaut infected with an alien symbiote

I read a science fiction story around the year 2000. The story was accompanied by large illustrations, and the book itself was large, bigger than a novel or trade paperback. It was about an ...
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What are the differences in Leetha's powers, and Spawns personal powers?

Al Simmons, aka the most well regarded and arguably powerful Hell Spawn of modern/current Earth, was bonded to the symbiotic suit, K-7 Leetha, back in the very first issue. This entity/suit is a ...
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What is the first example of an intelligent symbiotic organism prior to Marvel comics?

I've been fascinated by Venom since I was a kid, and for years have been drafting short stories inspired by this type of character -- a sentient "infection" that can impart both power and weakness to ...
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Possible tête-bêche book - symbiote on back/ lost colony finds gun in spaceship

This book was possibly a tête-bêche book. A tête-bêche book is where two books are bound back to back, with one being upside down. The name is used for all books that follow this format, regardless of ...