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Animated fantasy movie released in 2010 by Walt Disney Studios, loosely based off the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Rapunzel.

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Why does Euguene say, in the beginning of Tangled, that this is the story of how he died?

The movie Tangled begins with a monologue by Flynn/Eugene. This is the story of how I died. Don't worry! This is actually very fun story. And the truth is, it isn't ...
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Are all horses in Corona intelligent?

In Tangled (2010), the horse Maximus displays clear signs of intelligence. Although he does not speak (in any language that humans can understand), he takes and executes complex orders from humans, ...
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Can Rapunzel use her hair to heal herself?

My question has two parts: In Tangled, before Flynn Rider cuts off her hair, is there any reason why Rapunzel shouldn't be able to use her powers to heal herself? If Rapunzel can use her powers to ...
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How did Mother Gothel know (or work out) the 'Flower Song'?

How does Mother Gothel know the lyrics and melody to the magical songs that makes the flower (and later Rapunzel's hair) do the rejuvenation and healing magic that we see in Disney's Tangled?
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