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Questions tagged [tarzan]

A fictional feral child character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs who is raised in the jungles of Africa by great apes.

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What inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs' African characters in his Tarzan novels?

Since Edgar Rice Burroughs never went to Africa, what inspired his African characters, such as the Waziri tribes and Chief Muviro? "I want to write of distant places," I confessed to Mr. ...
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How is Tarzan able to eat poisoned animals?

In Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan's intellect allows him to deduce that the arrows used by Kala's killer must have something else upon them (poison) to make the target die instantly. And he is right, as ...
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Did Edgar Rice Burroughs ever write a fictional work (novel, tale, etc..) depicting Tarzan on Mars?

Edgar Rice Burroughs' nephew, Studley Oldham Burroughs, designed for him an ex libris bookplate showing Tarzan holding the planet Mars, but I would like to know if Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote something ...
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Did the writer of Tarzan ever state Jungle Book as inspiration?

Did the writer of the original version of Tarzan ever say if he was inspired by Kipling's Jungle Book? While there are a number of differences between the 2, the main story - boy raised by animals ...
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What animal languages can Tarzan speak and/or understand?

We know that Tarzan speaks Mangani, the language of the great apes, but he is supposedly also able to understand other species, and even converse with some.
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Was Tarzan's dialogue in movies influenced by the Hulk Speak trope?

Today I learnt that Me Tarzan, You Jane is a Me Beam Up, You Scotty. TV Tropes notes that movies from the franchise did have some Hulk Speak. Going through the TV Tropes page for the trope, I couldn'...
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At which point does Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan" series change from "adventure fiction" to "science fiction"?

Penned before there was a science fiction genre, the first few of the 24 Tarzan books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs were tales of adventure. As the series went on, Tarzan began dealing with peoples ...
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