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For questions about the technology and its usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose. Must be related to an on-topic work. Use this tag in conjunction with the tag of the work in question, e.g. [star-wars].

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Looking for title of anthology about alien attack and rebuilding then future of Earth

Aliens attack because we are close in technology to them but instead of completely wiping us out they set up some shields around a few small groups so the Earth can rebuild while they advance further ...
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Story about a spacecraft that crash-lands on a planet with a civilization resembling Pre-Columbian era

I have read this book around 20 years ago, and the book was already quite old at that time so was likely written before 1990. Highly likely I have read it in Hungarian, but I'm unsure if the novel was ...
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Can the navigation shields resist lasers of any strength?

In The Outrageous Okana, it is described that lasers are ineffective against the Enterprise: WORF: Still no response. Captain, they are now locking lasers on us. RIKER: Lasers? WORF: Yes, sir. PICARD:...
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Has there ever been a depiction of a futurist in Star Wars Legends or Canon?

I love futurism and even though Star Wars is more science-fantasy than sci-fi; they DO have technology and science and scientists are often featured in various stories. Philosophers are also mentioned....
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SF novel identification: Cube controls Universal Collective Unconscious

I first read this well written story--I believe it was a separately published short novel, not a short story--probably 15-20 or more years ago. This SF novel had the adult heroine (a scientist or ...
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Why was the Stormtrooper helmet designed this way?

Stormtroopers are notoriously bad shooters. It's probably not because of bad training, or a lack of genetic engineering seen in clones, but because of the helmet. In Rebels Season 2, we witnessed the ...
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Need title of 1980 - 1990 techno thriller about remote sensing technology

I read a military techno thriller in the 1980s - 1990s that I would like to identify by title and author. At the time I was heavily into this genre. The book was about an advanced US technology that ...
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Book about a British boy from a futuristic world

It's a story about: a boy called "Jay" he has a sister who is apparently a hacker and can block the WiFi in specific places and a mom who works for rich people and a dad that works in a ...
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In the DC universe, how do Zeta Tubes work?

In the DC universe, there is a means of travel called the Zeta Tubes. How do they work (conceptually)? Do they copy the info of what's in the origin, destroy its contents, and paste it at the other ...'s user avatar
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Are there any specifics given as to how the Genosha mutant power suppression technology works?

In the X-Men franchise, there are numerous human made tech which somehow stop mutants from utilizing their abilities. It doesn't matter if the power is physical, psionic, or energy based; once applied,...
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Who makes androids in the Marvel universe?

Which branch of technology in the Marvel universe "makes" androids (for example, Victor Mancha)? Is their job considered biotechnological, still robotics, or a whole other field of study?
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How does Hank Pym's (Earth-616) Yellowjacket suit allow him to fly?

How does the Yellowjacket suit fly? I remember the books saying that the disks on his shoulders enabled him to fly/hover thru vibration, I think. That always struck me as an unsatisfying answer ...
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Batman cape as a glider and a bulletproof shield

In the most recent incarnation of Batman, namely in the film "The Flash" (2023) where he was portrayed by Michael Keaton, Batman has the most sophisticated and useful cape. The cape can turn ...
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The earliest story example of a software engineering workplace immersed into Virtual or Augmented Reality?

Virtual and Augmented Reality are topic of many cyberpunk or similar books, yet I cannot recollect of those authors who approach to describe a VR/AR immersed workplaces in a more or less "hard sci-fi" ...
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How does Spider-Man track chemical trails?

In Spider-Man PS4, Peter Parker has the ability to identify and track certain chemicals he comes across. The identification process is most likely a form of spectroscopy, probably Raman. But after ...
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