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Questions tagged [teixcalaan]

For questions about the book series "Teixcalaan" by Arkady Martine that started in 2019 with "A Memory Called Empire".

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1 answer

Who has imago-machines and how common are they?

I started reading A Memory Called Empire and I'm unsure of the prevalence of imagos and their background. Are they for Lsel (Stationers?) only, or do Teixcaalanis have some as well? Are they common ...
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10 votes
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Pronunciation of 'Teixcalaan'

I was wondering what the correct pronunciation of the word 'Teixcalaan' (in Teixcalaanli) is. I rewrote the word using the IPA and arrived at (except using the sound 'l' for the letter 'l' instead of '...
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6 votes
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Is Teixcalaanli based on a real human language?

In Arkady Martine's A Memory Called Empire the main planet speaks a language called Teixcalaanli. Is this language based on Aztec, Mayan, or some other real human language?
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