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Questions tagged [the-39-clues]

A series published by Scholastic. It is about the Cahill family, a powerful clan that has changed the course of history since the 1500s. Their power comes from a serum that alters people’s DNA to give them certain talents. Use this tag for the first series, The 39 Clues, as well as sequel series, such as Cahills vs. Vespers.

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Who currently owns the rights to the The 39 Clues movie?

The The 39 Clues film has been talked about and speculated about since 2008, when Dreamworks/Steven Spielberg bought the rights. Over the years, a few times we've heard random snippets such as who ...
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Did Fiske Cahill try to stop the Holts from blowing up the Franklin Institute?

In The Maze of Bones, Fiske (known as the Man in Black) is at the Franklin Institute in Boston when the Holts blow it up. His job is supposedly to watch over Amy and Dan and know everything about the ...
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How did the hostages know they were taken by the Vespers?

In Cahills vs Vespers, book 4: Shatterproof, the hostages are aware that their captors are Vespers. In one passage here: Alistair Oh would have given anything for a bite of one of his steak ...
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