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For questions about "The Black Hole", a 1979 American science fiction film directed by Gary Nelson for Walt Disney Productions.

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"The Black Hole" movie version 1979: What happened after the white hole exit?

While the movie version ends with the exit from the white hole, in the Wikipedia section it is mentioned that in the Whitman comics the story continues in a parellel universe. It is also mentioned ...
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What are weird blue & red orbs on the bridge of the Cygnus in Disney's The Black Hole?

I've been rewatching scenes from the 1979 Disney film The Black Hole. The scene where the crew of the Palomino steps foot onto the bridge of the Cygnus is still visually stunning: What in the world ...
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In Disney's "The Black Hole", why do Reinhardt and Maximillian fuse together?

At the dreamlike end of The Black Hole, Reinhardt fuses with the robot Maximillian, appearing to be trapped inside him like a gibbet. What does this mean?