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For questions about the 2012 horror film "The Cabin in the Woods" by Drew Goddard about five friends who take a short break in a remote cabin.

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Name of the organization in The Cabin in the Woods?

In The Cabin in the Woods there is some kind of secret organization which makes ritual sacrifices Does that organization have some name? I don't remember any name in the film, but maybe the script or ...
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What was the purpose of the two-way mirror in the Cabin?

One of the joys of Cabin in the Woods is that everything that we know from "standard" horror movies gets an explanation. The creepy warning, the reading of the Latin, the character archetypes, etc, ...
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Why did the tunnel not collapse properly in Cabin in the Woods?

Curt, Dana, and Holden are trying to flee the cabin on the Rambler by going back through the tunnel; it's supposed to have been collapsed by now but Demolitions had a little glitch and the tunnel was ...
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What are the death-handles for?

Each time a victim bites the dust in The Cabin in the Woods, Steve Hadley (one of the senior technicians) uncovers a handle and pulls it: This triggers a small hammer to break an outlet below the ...
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Why does the "Purge All" button exist?

In The Cabin in the Woods, there was Is there any real reason why such a thing would exist? Or is this just another campy reference to horror movie theory?
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Recapturing the Zombies that have been Released?

In the 2011 movie The Cabin in the Woods, how were the authorities and/or employees of the organization planning to recapture the zombies that they had released to kill the five friends? In general, ...
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Is there a particular movie being referenced in the opening scene of The Cabin in the Woods?

The Cabin in the Woods is filled with horror movie references and Easter Eggs. In the beginning of the movie some of the characters are discussing the "1998 almost-disaster." I am wondering if this ...
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Is there any good evidence to say whether The Cabin in the Woods is in the Buffy Universe?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (& associated TV series) and The Cabin in the Woods could at first glance easily be in the same universe. In particular the organization that runs the Cabin is very ...
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Which of the items and monsters were references?

In The Cabin in the Woods, I recognized a few items as references to famous horror movies. Additionally, later when there are a few monsters that are obviously references. Which of the items and ...
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In ”The Cabin in the Woods”, what was the significance of the locket?

In the basement of the titular Cabin in the Woods, there are a series of objects which represent different horrors waiting to be unleashed; There's the puzzle box (representing the Cenobytes), the ...
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