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Questions tagged [the-force-awakens]

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015, seventh movie produced). Rey, an orphan on a remote planet, takes up the cause to find Luke Skywalker and fight against The First Order, which seeks to retake what used to be the Empire. Use with the [star-wars] tag.

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How effective is the First Order military compared to the Imperial military and the GAR?

The Grand Army of the Republic was succeeded by the military of the Galactic Empire and subsequently the First Order. Assuming these three military forces to be different incarnations of the same ...
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Was Roodown in Ferrix?

While watching "Kassa", the first episode of the Star Wars TV series Andor (2022), I noticed, at least, two familiar species from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). There are two ...
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Were Kanjiklub always intended to be a human group?

In The Force Awakens, Han refers to the members of Kanjiclub as "little freaks." This insult doesn't really make sense, given how they ultimately appear in the film. Were they at one point in the ...
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Was the Church of the Force on Jakku watching over Rey

Not sure there is any evidence for this. Pure speculation. Just thought it was an interesting point that these people are on the same planet and within "BB-8 rolling distance" of Rey. We all know ...
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Are Palpatine's Dark Acolytes known to be alive and at large still since the New Republic took over the galaxy?

Question as stated. Dark Acolytes refer to any non-Sith dark siders Palpatine and Vader trained to execute the Great Jedi Purge. Unless the future events of Rebels lead to the destruction of their ...
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Are the languages Wookiees and droids speak rare?

One thing I see people use against Rey understanding the Wookiees' and droids' language in The Force Awakens is that both languages are heavily implied to be rare in the original six movies, notably ...
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Why all the double stars in the left half of the The Force Awakens star field?

There is a strange non-random effect in the star field used in The Force Awakens. I expect others will question this, but I'm absolutely certain it was there. I noticed it during the initial scene ...
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