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This tag should be used for the 1972 Isaac Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves" or one of its serially-published parts.

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Is the weird biology of the soft ones in The Gods Themselves a manifestation of their universe's different physics?

In The Gods Themselves, the second part deals with what are (metaphorically, at least) the gods referenced in the title. These are the soft ones and the hard ones. The soft ones have a quite unusual ...
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The Gods Themselves: role of the second part?

I recently finished "The Gods Themselves" by Isaac Asimov. While I enjoyed the whole book I was thinking about role of the second part in the book. It doesn't actually provide any details for the ...
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Does "The Gods Themselves" take place in Asimov's Foundation "shared universe"?

Many of Asimov's science fiction novels, either by original design or later retconning, take place in the same shared universe. Most prominently in that universe, we find Hari Seldon's "Foundation" - ...
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