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For questions about The Good Place, a heaven-based sitcom created by Michael Schur and starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.

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Why did Doug Forcett get points?

The show has multiple references that if you do good deeds while having a self-interest in mind, you won't get points. The two biggest examples were: Eleanor was trying to do good things in the fake ...
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Does Janet of "The Good Place" get her name from Janet of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

I just finished watching The Good Place (and I loved it.) It just came distinctly across my mind the feeling that the name of Janet (or of Janets) is somehow related to the Janet of The Rocky Horror ...
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Why is "Use the term 'bro-code'" accounted for a negative score in The Good Place?

In season 1 of The Good Place, during the welcoming session for the newcomers to the Good Place which is hosted by Michael, a set of actions during their lives on Earth and their scores are displayed ...
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Why was Chidi writing a thesis?

According to what he said in the first season, Chidi is a professor of moral philosophy. Indeed, we see in the third season that he has an office, a plaque, and so forth. Naturally, that makes one ...
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In The Good Place, how long in Earth years is one Jeremy Bearimy?

In The Good Place, we are told that time in the afterlife works along the Jeremy Bearimy pattern. At the end of the final season, repeated references are made to the passage of time in terms of ...
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What is the "time-knife" referenced in "The Good Place" episode "Chidi Sees the Time-Knife"?

Chidi reports having seen something which Michael declares to be the "time-knife", to which Chidi exclaims "I saw the time-knife" as if it was some non-visualized abstract concept he was already ...
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Why does one get points eating a sandwich?

I’m on the first episode of The Good Place and I am just wondering if they've given any sort of reason for this at any time in-world/series so far.
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How long was the main quartet in the "Good Place?"

In the heaven-based comedy The Good Place, we find out that After this realization, the world is reset. However, this secret is found out again. And again. And again. It turns out that the world was ...
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Was Trevor a real person?

In The Good Place, we meet the character of Trevor, played by Adam Scott, supposedly coming to the Good Place as a representative of the Bad Place. However, However, we see the character of Trevor ...
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