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Use for questions about the 2017 DC film "The Lego Batman Movie". Always use in conjunction with the tags [lego] and [lego-cinematic-universe].

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Was Zoe Kravitz's casting as Catwoman in The Batman related to her casting as Catwoman in The LEGO Batman Movie?

In the 2022 film The Batman, Zoe Kravitz portrays a compelling, grounded version of Selina Kyle/Catwoman unlike most of the versions seen on-screen. However, this is not her first time portraying the ...
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Which of the ridiculous vehicles in The Lego Batman Movie have appeared in other Batman canon?

There's a whole bunch of ridiculous vehicles in The Lego Batman Movie. Among them is The Bat-shuttle, Robin's Jetski, the Bat-Sub, and the Bat-Kayak. (I cannot find a full list online. Not all the ...
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Does The Lego Batman Movie take place in between The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2?

This may seem like a duplicate of this question, but information from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part seems to provide a different take. In The Lego Batman Movies, there are a couple references to ...
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Is Alfred’s batsuit based on a previous work?

In The Lego Batman Movie, Alfred dons a Batsuit of his own to help the rest of the Bat-family save Gotham. The movie has several easter eggs and references to previous Batman works so I was ...
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In the Lego Batman Movie why did the writers choose the phrase "It takes a village"?

In The Lego Batman Movie, there seemed to be quite a few side-references to contemporary American politics, most notably Barbara Gordon saying "It takes a village" a traditional phrase about ...
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Do the events in the Lego Batman movie take place in the same universe as The Lego Movie?

Do the events in both movies take place in the same universe? The rules for both movies are the same: "We're built on top of a table!", Batman refers to being a master builder. Are they in the same ...
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Why were New Paradigm "British Robots" featured in The LEGO Batman Movie?

These Doctor Who-themed LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Ideas sets both feature variants of the standard Dalek. However, in The LEGO Batman Movie, we exclusively see the New Paradigm Daleks: As ...
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In Lego Batman, where is Zod?

In The Lego Batman Movie, we see Superman sending Zod to the Phantom Zone. Later Batman sends Joker to the Phantom Zone. However, when Joker arrives there, Zod is not among the people who are in the ...
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In The LEGO Batman Movie, who are the agent looking villains?

In the movie, there are some secret agent type villains that all appear to be identical to one another. They also repeat everything one of them says, like an echo. They remind me of Agents from The ...
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