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The Lego Movie is a 2014 movie set inside a universe populated by all manner of Lego people attempting to save their world from the evil Lord Business. Always use in conjunction with the tags [lego] and [lego-cinematic-universe].

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Do Menger sponge fractals appear in "The Lego Movie"

I saw this picture of a Menger sponge: It looks like several of the scenes (memory, I don't have photos) from The Lego Movie either in Vitruvius room or in the connections between the worlds. Here is ...
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Is the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive from The LEGO Movie based on a previous Star Wars design?

In The LEGO Movie, Batman steals the hyperdrive (which the heroes need) from the Millennium Falcon. Here is a still of how the hyperdrive appears. Is the design for ...
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Is every episode of "Where are my Pants?" identical?

In The Lego Movie (2014), it seems to be a running gag that the in-world TV show "Where are my Pants?" consists solely of the main (pantsless) character asking his wife "Honey, where are my pants?" in ...
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Does The Lego Batman Movie take place in between The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2?

This may seem like a duplicate of this question, but information from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part seems to provide a different take. In The Lego Batman Movies, there are a couple references to ...
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In universe, who wrote/performed "Everything is Awesome"?

I have yet to see The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part so I am not sure if it answered there and I can't remember it being answered in The Lego Movie. Who, in universe, wrote and performed the hit song "...
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Where does The Lego Ninjago Movie fit in the LEGO timeline?

Where does The LEGO Ninjago Movie take place within the LEGO timeline? Does it take place before or after The LEGO Movie? In the Ninjago movie, the Green Ninja seems to still be finding his footing ...
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Do the events in the Lego Batman movie take place in the same universe as The Lego Movie?

Do the events in both movies take place in the same universe? The rules for both movies are the same: "We're built on top of a table!", Batman refers to being a master builder. Are they in the same ...
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Does Emmet's name imply that he is a golem?

The protagonist of The Lego Movie (2014) is named Emmet Brickowski. Like most of the other characters in the film, Emmet is a Lego figure but seems to be able to move independently, or so we are led ...
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Do the minifigures have any control of their actions within the LEGO world?

Spoilers for The LEGO Movie below. In The LEGO Movie we eventually learn that Within the LEGO World, are all the minifigures' actions manipulated by humans, or do they control themselves to any ...
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What are the different realms in the Lego World?

During the backstory in the Lego Movie Wildstyle says Lord Business separated the world into a number of different realms and they flash up. Later during the movie there is a world map that shows the ...
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What are Metalbeard's "Rules of the Sea"?

In the The Lego Movie rule 1 of the sea is "Never sit on a pirates face". Just after the above, Metalbeard states the rule, and the scene cuts back to his ship, where there were a bunch of other ...
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