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Questions tagged [the-lost-fleet]

Use for questions set in The Lost Fleet Universe written by Jack Campbell.

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3 answers

The Lost Fleet's descriptions of trajectories as 'curves' at 20% of light speed

I find it strange when reading descriptions of trajectories/fleet movements in The Lost Fleet that they're commonly described as curves. A few examples From Relentless, chapter 2: On the display, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Jack Campbell: The Lost Fleet Beyond the Frontier continuation

I have just reread all of the The Lost Fleet series and the first prequel book but I am curious if there will be a continuation of the Beyond the Frontier Leviathan? The way it leaves you hanging ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is there any news about the Lost Fleet books and spinoffs?

I have read all the books in the Lost Fleet series and the Spinoffs The Lost Stars Series. I'm curious if the author has ever said if he will be making more of these lovely things?? Can't find ...
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Is the "Beyond the Frontier" spin off from the Lost Fleet one book or a series?

The Lost fleet series by Jack Campbell has finished and according to wikipedia "The author however plans to continue the Lost Fleet series with two spin-offs: Beyond the Frontier, focusing on the main ...
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2 answers

The Lost Fleet Book 1: Dauntless - which is the 2011 version?

I am not concrete about it and I think some other people might be in the same position as well... There is a re-issue of the "The Lost Fleet Book 1: Dauntless" from Jack Campbell. Which is the ...
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