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Why does Sally have a premonition?

The Nightmare Before Christmas characters pretty consistently follow a pattern where their traits are related to the kind of monster they are. For example: Jack can pull his ribs out to play fetch ...
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The holiday doors from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

In The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington walks into a circle of trees to find the door to Christmas Town. But all of the doors correspond to holidays either Judaeo-Christian in origin or the ...
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How can Jack and Sally have children?

In the epilogue of the official The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, it says this: With four or five skeleton children at hand Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band It is ...
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How did Jack get back to Halloween land?

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack discovers a wooded area with doors leading to other holiday lands. When he goes through the Christmas door, he falls for quite a while, and then lands on a huge ...
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