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The One is a 2001 science fiction martial arts film starring Jet Li. Gabriel Yulaw, a former officer of the "Multiverse Authority" is determined to kill all 124 of his alternate selves (all played by Li) in order to steal their energy and become "The One".

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Why is there a discrepancy between Yulaw's body count and his charges for illegal jumping?

In the 2001 film "The One", former MVA officer Gabriel Yulaw discovers that by killing his variants throughout the multiverse, each one's essence is divided among the surviving variants, ...
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In "The One" (2001), why would they want to send Gabriel Yulaw to Hades Universe?

During the movie, we learn that if either Gabriel Yulaw or Gabe Law dies, the other will become 'The One', which is why when Roedecker and Funsch decided to split into two, one would kill Yulaw, ...
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In “The One” (2001), how much did one alter’s death affect those that were still alive?

It’s shown in the film that Yulaw decided to hunt down his alter selves after the very first of them was killed during his service in “Multiverse Authority” (MVA). How much more powerful did that ...
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Is there anything magical/logical/scientific about the number 125 in "The One"?

Currently watching The One for the nth time in my entire life but as I watched it today, I noticed a small detail that intrigued me. As the Multiverse Authority was about to transport Jet Li to the ...
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Was the plot of 'The One' (2001) influenced by 'Highlander'?

The two plots seem very similar: A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills. Obviously it's taking form the age old ...
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