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"The Peripheral" is a 2014 novel by William Gibson, and a 2022 TV series based on the novel. The novel focuses on two siblings in the near future, as Flynne, the sister, witnesses a possible murder after replacing her brother Burton for a cyberspace security job. The movie uses the same setting and characters, but changes the nature of the crime.

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In "The Peripheral" how are physical items transferred between the two timelines?

I have watched season 1 of The Peripheral (2022) and thought I had an understanding of the mechanics of the different timelines. However... How are items such as the sonic pistol (?), car camo and ...
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Logic of time travel in William Gibson's "The Peripheral"

I'm currently watching the TV adaptation of The Peripheral. I haven't read the book. I've watched the first ~4 episodes. The time travel technology seems to run both forward and backward in time, and ...
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In William Gibson's The Peripheral, is Flynne Fisher's first name an homage to Tron?

In The Peripheral by William Gibson, protagonist Flynne Fisher runs characters in virtual games and remotely operates drones and, eventually, the devices known as peripherals. It struck me at some ...
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What years does "The Peripheral" take place in?

I recently read The Peripheral by William Gibson, and I had fun trying to keep track of when it could have taken place (similarly to Neuromancer, it's vague). I have some guesses, but does anyone have ...
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