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The Prestige is a 1995 novel by Christopher Priest, about a pair of competing magicians. Use this tag for questions about the novel or its movie adaptation.

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In "the Prestige", why the clone does not show off in the last spectacle?

In my understanding, the character played by Hugh Jackman kills himself every night, while a clone appears at the other side of the theater. But, one night, the second magician, played by Christian ...
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Within the novel "The Prestige", was/were the "prestige materials" always inert?

Within the film version of The Prestige, it is established that In comparison, within the novel My interpretation of the novel's events is that only biological material is duplicated, and that the ...
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In the movie "The Prestige", why did they make Tesla be the inventor of the machine?

In the Christopher Nolan movie "The Prestige", why was it shown that Tesla invented the machine that can make the clones? I mean, why did they specifically need Nikola Tesla to be creator of the ...
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Why did nobody notice Fallon's had a deformed hand like Borden?

In The Prestige why did nobody notice Fallon's deformed hand like Borden and figure out the "trick" of them being secretly twins? Is it something overlooked by the writer or is there some in-universe ...
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Why would Robert Angier use the machine every time?

In the movie The Prestige, two magicians rival over who can perform the best Transported Man illusion. In the end, Alfred Borden's secret is Robert Angier on the other hand After watching the movie,...
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Who is the original in the movie The Prestige?

In the movie The Prestige, Hugh Jackman plays a magician who, when he performs a trick, gets cloned and becomes two people. But who is who? Is the one appearing on the balcony in the audience the ...
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