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British TV series from 1968. A retired secret agent is trapped in a mysterious village and fights to retain his individuality.

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Is there any explanation as to why there is a rocket in the Village?

In the final episode of The Prisoner ("Fall Out"), as Number 6 is led to Number 1, he finds himself inside a rocket (re-used sets from "The Girl Who Was Death"). There is no on-...
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What was the function of the pulsing light over Number 6's bed?

Seen in more than one episode, there is a device over Number 6's bed. Out-of-universe, it looks like a futuristic kitchen table light. It is seen pulsing while Number 6 is apparently sleeping. What is ...
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Story identification - A BBC Radio 4 parody of The Prisoner

I heard this on BBC Radio 4 back in the 1990's. It was a comedy parody of the show The Prisoner. The protagonist was Number 96 (As numbers were given based on importance, he was very unimportant) in ...
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Can anyone tell me if there were any planned follow-ups to The Prisoner? If so, what were they?

Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner is one of the great television shows. Like Firefly, it was very short (17 episodes). It was brought to a somewhat hasty conclusion. Does anyone know if there were any ...
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Was Number 6 John Drake?

Was the character in The Prisoner, Number 6, supposed to be the same character from Danger Man, John Drake? Patrick McGoohan denied it, but co-creator, George Markstein said otherwise.
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