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For questions about "The Reckoners". a post-apocalyptic series by Brandon Sanderson, set in a United States shattered when a strange star rose in the sky, and people developed superpowers - but only villains arose, and no heroes came to check them. Don't use with the [cosmere] tag, as it is not part of the shared universe many of Sanderson's other books are in.

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Does Obliteration ever quote from the Book of Mormon?

Brandon Sanderson "The Reckoners" series includes an Epic named Obliteration, who is claimed to only speak in quotes from the Bible. I am curious: Given that Brandon Sanderson is a believing ...
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Why does this character not go on a killing rampage upon becoming an Epic?

In Steelheart, we learn that In Firefight, it is confirmed that when Epics first become Epics, they go into a rampage, killing everything indiscriminately. This seems to happen to pretty much all ...
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Why has the government collapsed in the Reckoners alternative reality?

In the Reckoners' universe, the government collapses because the epics are too powerful to be controlled, except by other, more powerful, epics. However, because all epics are evil, the epics all work ...
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In the Reckoners alternate universe, why did David’s father kill him?

In the book Calamity, David (the books narrator and protagonist) goes to a universe where Calamity has vanished, and some of the epics are good, some are bad. The first person he meets there is ...
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Is there any indication of Phaedrus's weakness in The Reckoner trilogy?

In Brandon Sanderson's The Reckoner Trilogy (TVTropes link), one of the aspects of the superpowered Epics is that they have a weakness. Phaedrus is one of the Epics who plays a prominent role in the ...
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Could Steelheart be killed by an animal?

At the end of "Steelheart" by Brandon Sanderson the weakness of the epic Steelheart is revealed: That makes me wonder: Could Steelheart be killed/hurt by an animal or is his weakness only exploitable ...
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