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Refers to the series of American and Japanese horror films of the same name. The plot revolves around a spirit who lives in a video taps and kills anyone who watches it

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In "The Ring", what if you just went somewhere with no electronics? [duplicate]

I mean if you watched the cursed video and went somewhere with absolutely no electricity, could you still get murderfied?
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What happens if you don't answer the phone after watching the Ring tape?

We know that when someone watches the film they get a call that says "You have 7 days" What if the person doesn't answer the call? Is the person going to die anyway ?
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Can the woman from The Ring appear in multiple places at once?

Apologies for the speculative question, but I was inspired by the reddit thread: [The Ring] What would happen if during a live broadcast of the Super Bowl the Ring movie interrupted the broadcast? ...
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