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For questions about "The Sarah Janes Adventures" is a British sci-fi show, spin-off of the "Doctor Who" series, which aired from 2007 to 2011. Use in conjunction with the [doctor-who] tag.

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How are the Blathereen killed at the end?

In The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Gift", how are the Blathereen aliens killed at the end?
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Is this the first time Sarah Jane has got in-universe closure?

This short, written by Russell T. Davies, recently appeared on the Doctor Who Youtube channel: It recounts the funeral of Sarah Jane Smith, with appearances by ...
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How could Sarah-Jane Smith's friends understand the aliens?

In Doctor Who it's established that the reason the Doctor's companions understand any and every alien is because the Tardis surreptitiously implants some kind of translation matrix into their brains. ...
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4 votes
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When should I watch The Sarah Jane Adventures alongside Doctor Who?

I know that there are certain times to watch Torchwood alongside Doctor Who (ie season one finale coincides with the start of "Utopia") but I'm just wondering is there certain times to watch The Sarah ...
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How big was the Slitheen family?

In Doctor Who season one (2005), we're introduced to a family of aliens called the "Slitheen". The species name for the Slitheen is "Raxacoricofallapatorian", but we only ever see one example of ...
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Why do some people in The Sarah Jane Adventures not know about aliens?

Of course in the Doctor Who Universe the people of the world became aware of the existence of aliens due to the repeated failed invasions. But I noticed while watching The Sarah Jane Adventures was ...
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Has the Doctor appeared in Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures?

I'm wondering if the Doctor has appeared in any episodes of Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures. I know that I could look through the IMDB episode list or the Wikipedia pages, but those contain a ...