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For questions about the science fiction novels in "The Thousand Worlds" series written by George R. R. Martin. See also [nightflyers] for the television series based off of the novel of the same name set in this universe.

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The Ending to George R. R. Martin's First Book: The Dying of the Light

Warning: this question is a massive spoiler for the book The Dying of the Light by George R. R. Martin. At the end of the book, the main character Dirk t'Larien... How has Dirk changed?
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What happens to Dirk at the end of George RR Martin's "Dying of the Light"?

Trying to avoid spoilers - what do we think happened to Dirk at the end of Dying of the Light? If you had told me what the final scene was, I would have told you immediately what happened. However, ...
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Why was the bracelet left behind?

I'm not sure if this can be answered or merely discussed, but I hope there is a logical answer. I just watched the end of Season 1 (of 1 currently) of George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers and I think it ...
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Why did GRRM spell the name 'Kleronomas' this way?

Quoting Nightflyers: When Kleronomas took his survey ship out from Avalon, the volcryn came within ten light-years of him. Kleronomas found many things, but he did not find the volcryn. Not then ...
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Why was Agatha desperate to send the message?

In the first minutes of the first episode of the Nightflyers TV series, we can see a woman desperate to send a message to Earth. The desperation is real - she is risking her life, as she is being ...
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What are the L1?

Started watching the new show Nightflyers and I'm hooked. I'm a bit confused at what the L1 are? Are they natural? Genetically modified? Reading up about the show, I saw that it was an adaptation of ...
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Does A Song of Ice and Fire take place in The Thousand Worlds?

Before writing A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin had written a series of science fiction stories that ended up all taking place in the same universe later titled The Thousand Worlds. Do the ...
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Is there evidence for "With Morning Comes Mistfall" being part of the "Thousand Worlds" universe?

I just finished reading through almost all of the stories in George R. R. Martin's The Thousand Worlds universe. These stories are not advertised as being part of the same universe, so one has to rely ...
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How did Tuf know there is an armed plasma cannon in the next corridor?

So, this question is about George R.R. Martin's Tuf Voyaging, the very first story's finale (The Plague Star). Tuf lured Rica Dawnstar into a trap set by Jefri Lion for Kaj Nevis, but how did he ...
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What do these references mean in George RR Martin's "In the House of the Worm"?

In the short story "In the House of the Worm", the main character gets to see a panel (sort of mural) that depicts As opposed to the main character, I couldn't make much sense of the scene. I ...
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Connection between Sandkings and Game of Thrones?

When I was a kid I read a George R. R. Martin's story Sand Kings. As I recall beings of an advanced civilization had their own pet civilizations. Similar to the way some humans have pet ant colonies. ...
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What stories are set in George R.R. Martin's 'future history' universe? (the setting for Dying of the Light)

Dreamsongs vol 1 lists the following in the intro to Section 3: The Hero (mentioned) Dying of the Light (first novel, mentioned) Included in Dreamsongs Vol 1 A Song for Lya This Tower of Ashes And ...
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