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The Time Machine (1895) is a classic science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells. It has been adapted for film and TV on multiple occasions, most notably as feature films in 1960 and 2002.

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In The Time Machine, why does Wells leave the protagonist unnamed?

H. G. Wells leaves the main character of his novel The Time Machine without a name. The two times that he would have given a name, it was replaced with underlines. Why would he do this?
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Could H.G. Wells "Time Machine" travel to an obstructed destination?

In the 1960 movie version of 1895's H.G. Wells story The Time Machine, we see the device occupy a single footprint (it travels through time and arrives earlier or later, but in the same footprint). ...
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Graphic novel from 2014 or later with a time traveling device

I read this graphic novel two or three year ago at a Barnes and Noble. It was a newer comic—2014 or later, but not much earlier, I believe. It centered around a man who makes a time traveling (...
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What's with the time travelling delay in The Time Machine by H.G.Wells?

I recently got The Time Machine by H.G.Wells and I am quite intrigued by this line near the end of the story :- "But is it not some hoax?" I said. "Do you really travel through time?&...
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In the Time Machine (2002) did the fiancée have to die?

In some respects, the idea that somehow a new "story" is written (By whom? the Guardian of Forever? The mind of the Creator of the Universe?) each time The Time Traveler tries to save his ...
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