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Questions related to the Amazon 2021 TV series based on the The Wheel of Time novel series. Use with [the-wheel-of-time] tag

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Why was Liandrin Guirale about to be punished by the Amyrlin Seat?

In the Wheel of Time series, I was confused about what went on when the troupe that brought Logain Ablar to Tar Valon reported to the Amyrlin Seat. To recap Amyrlin Seat seems displeased at this and ...
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Why is every place in the Wheel-of-Time TV series a mixture of races?

I've watched a few episodes of Amazon's new Wheel of Time series. It has its pros and cons, but something strange about it is that just about every single place has strong ethnic variety, as though it ...
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Why does Moiraine act this way around the whitecloaks?

From watching the Wheel of Time TV show, I got a pretty confused interpretation of who and what the children of the light/whitecloaks are and what they do (as you can see in this question). There's a ...
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