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Use this tag for questions about the anthology series The Year's Best Science Fiction, not to be confused with Year's Best SF, which is another series.

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What is this science fiction short story about sex determined at puberty, and three genders?

I think I read this in a Gardner Dozois Anthology of Best Short Science Fiction Year X. The year would have been 2005 or earlier. The story was about a boy and a girl, about 13 years old initially. ...
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Trying to find sci-fi short story/anthology

I’ve been trying to find some older sci-if short stories I remember from years ago. I’m pretty sure this was in a “best of xxxx” type anthology but could be wrong. Below is all I remember about the ...
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Murder investigation on planet where people express their feelings with musical instruments worn on a necklace

Where in a gov official is sent to a distant planet and gets involved with a murder investigation. On this planet the people never express emotion directly, instead use musical instruments worn on a ...
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Short story about a space combat/chase that can never be resolved due to the deltaV between the ships

I'm looking for the name of a scifi short story. I'm pretty sure it is in one of the 'Years Best in Science Fiction' but I have like ten of them and they are huge so I don't know which one it is in. ...
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Will there be a The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Sixth Annual Collection?

Will one be published? The Year's Best Science Fiction has been an annual Xmas gift for 35 years. Was confused when I got The Very Best of the Best. Only to realize Gardner Dozois died in 2018! Any ...
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Short story where time travelers are surprised to see black people

In one of Gardner Dozois anthologies in the last few years had a short story about an alternate time line where the travelers were surprised to see black people as their reality had none. Can anyone ...
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