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A dramatic work that is performed live in front of an audience, typically on a stage in a theatre. NOTE: This tag should be used for [story-id] questions only.

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Origin of the inspiration behind the titular character in The Bat, a play by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood [closed]

What was the inspiration for The Bat, the titular character from Mary Roberts Rinehart's play (later adapted into a movie)? The character originally appeared in the play which was adapted from the ...
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1 answer

Novel, or play, about a high school boy who gets a brain chip that gives him more personality

This may be the same question as Novel about a digital consciousness overtaking a person slowly, but enough is different that I'm not certain. It's a book, maybe originally a play, about a teenage boy,...
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8 votes
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Where is Dan Bredemann's play, "I Am Not Lewis Carroll"?

In the 90s, Dan Bredemann showed me a copy of his one-man play, I Am Not Lewis Carroll. It was about the inner life of the fantasy author and logician Charles Dodgson, who is better known under his ...
17 votes
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Identify a stage play about a VR experience in which participants are encouraged to simulate performing horrific activities

Somewhere between 2015 and 2017, I read an article reviewing a stage play about a futuristic society where they had a realistic VR experience (the impression I got was that it was akin to a Star Trek ...
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A movie or play about a traveling salesman selling little atomic bombs to a family

The film or play was about a traveling salesman who wants to sell a little atomic bomb to a family to destroy their bad neighbor. Can anyone tell me the name of this story?
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1 answer

Who owns the rights to Doctor Who – The Ultimate Adventure and is the script available?

Is the Doctor Who stage play available for production?
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2 answers

Children's play with a blue alien named 'Zeeto'?

When I was a small child, I went to a play with a character who gave me nightmares for months. Presumably a children's play. Performance was in the early 80s. Performance was probably in the Toronto ...