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Questions tagged [thieves-world]

For use in connection with works set in the Thieves' World shared setting, created by Robert Lynn Asprin. The Thieves' World series consisted of short story anthologies, edited by Asprin in collaboration with Lynn Abbey, novels by individual authors, and a number of comic book and role-playing game adaptations.

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4 votes
1 answer

Do the inhabitants of Sanctuary speak Rankene or some different local language?

I'm a couple of books into the Thieves' World series, and the question says it all. Do the people who live in Sanctuary speak Rankene in their day to day lives or some Ilsigian language or "...
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6 votes
2 answers

Who were the recurring characters depicted on the Thieves' World covers?

The Thieves' World shared-world anthologies had a memorable series of book covers. Three recurring characters appeared on these covers (for example, see the covers from the first six books below). I ...
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8 votes
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Where did the term "hazard-class" to describe a wizard, sorceress, etc. originate?

I just enjoyed Scott Lynch's "The Fall and Rise of the House of the Wizard Malkuril" in Dozois' The Book of Magic. There seemed to be many more and less obscure references to fantastic fiction, and ...
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