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Thursday Next is the title character from Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" book series.

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Has Thursday rescuing Mycroft from Sherlock Holmes shown up in a book?

In Lost in a Good Book, it's established that Thursday's Uncle Mycroft traveled into the Sherlock Holmes series, probably via his Prose Portal. “Item three: Interloper in the Sherlock Holmes series ...
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How could Thursday1-4 enter the real world so easily?

Near the end of "First among Sequels", Thursday1-4 goes to the real world illegally. In "One ouf our Thursdays is missing", Thursday5 needs to go to the real world, but she can do so only by using ...
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Why didn't Kaine invoke the Questing Beast in his duel with the Cat?

At the end of "Something Rotten", Yorrick Kaine and the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat have a duel where they invoke creatures from books to fight for them. There's only one rule - no Krakens. ...
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First example of reverse RetCon?

Normally a retcon involves changing the past to reflect changes in the future of the cannon. A characters history can change at the stroke of a pen. In the Thursday Next books, the opposite happens. ...
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Which books should I have read before each book in the Thursday Next series?

I recently finished reading The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde. The book has many references to both Martin Chuzzlewit and Jane Eyre. Since I had previously read these two books, I was able to get the ...
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