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Questions tagged [time-dilation]

The phenomenon of time passing at different rates for different people. This is most often used by science fiction writers invoking the Theory of Special Relativity, but not exclusively.

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Short story involving time dilation and a girl growing up while her astronaut mother explores other planets

I am trying to find a short story I read a few years back in a science fiction course. I believe the name of it was "Borrowed Time" but there is a short film and a new anthology with the ...
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Sci-fi young teen novel about a boy who is abducted by aliens and returned 2 years later?

I recall a short novel that is the story of a 12 year old boy who encounters some type of extra-terrestrial entity from a lake. He is deposited 2 years later (at age 14) and sees how much his life has ...
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Novel with a city in slowed time

A video showing laminar flow reminded me of a novel I read in my childhood, but I don't remember much of it, including the title or author. What I do remember, however, is that there was a room with a ...
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In Dragon's Egg, the effect on time due to extremely high gravity is inconsistent

This has been messing with my head for a while. The Cheela in/on Dragon's Egg book/planet, had their time move much faster, compared to the humans out in the space. This was explained as due to the ...
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Looking for time dilation spaceship "restart the Earth's rotation" sci-fi short story, please

The plot is something happens to the ship, time dilation millions of years, the ship's AI is damaged but before it goes offline it relieves the Captain and puts the science officer in charge. They ...
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Story about voluntary time dilation [duplicate]

I'm looking for a story I read in the mid 2000's (though I believe the book itself was older than that) in which the protagonist encounters a society in which the inhabitants can speed up and slow ...
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Short story about an astronaut experiencing time dilation

I read a short story online about an astronaut who goes on a solo trip in a ship capable of near light speed. As time goes on, he gets more and more out of sync with Earth because of time dilation. ...
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A collection of short stories with one story focusing on a spot where time stands still

I'm looking for a collection of short stories that was read to me some time in the late 90's- early 00's (between 1997 and 2001). I recall a number of stories from this book being read to me, but only ...
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Short story about a starship captain who's only eligible to run for President of the USA if you don't allow for time dilation

Recently I was Googling for something else, and I ran across this plot summary in an eight-year-old discussion on the boards on the Straight Dope website. I went through the entire thread on that ...
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Story-identification, short story with time dilation

Trying to remember where this story is from. A girl, concerned about humanity overpopulating the planet and/or destroying itself, wishes for something or someone to make a change. Some kind of alien ...
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Why does Jim think he'll die before reaching Homestead II?

In the movie Passengers, the writers got a lot of details about how an interstellar starhip would work, from the heat shield to artificial gravity. But there was one detail that they only glanced upon ...
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How does Miller's planet in Interstellar have such huge time dilation yet such a small gravitational force? [duplicate]

In Interstellar, the crew of the Endurance experience extreme time dilation (7 years to an hour) on Miller's planet, due to its proximity to a black hole. However, they only feel 130% of Earth's ...
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Why did time dilation cease to be a factor? [duplicate]

Near the end of Interstellar, Time dilation is a huge part of Interstellar's plot. But all of a sudden, at the above mentioned point, time dilation stops being a factor. Is there an explanation for ...
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Was relativistic time dilation ever a plot point in Star Trek?

It established that time dilation doesn't affect ships at warp. (Do ships at warp experience time dilation?) And in this answer to this question Why is getting back to the future always such a ...
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Why is the time dilation between the endurance and the crew on Miller's planet so extreme? [duplicate]

In the 2014 movie "Interstellar" a part of the crew decides to land on "Miller's planet" (a planet orbiting the black hole at very high speeds) with a shuttle. Another crew member, Romilly, stays back ...
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How fast is Miller's planet orbiting Gargantua in the movie Interstellar?

In the movie Interstellar, Miller's planet is so close to the black hole that it experiences severe time dilation - one hour on the planet is seven years for every one else. The planet is (...
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Time dilation effects near the end of the movie

There are two main occurrences of time dilation having effect in the movie: Having said that,
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If Romilly had a telescope and could observe Cooper and Brand on the water planet, what would he see? [closed]

My question has to do with gravitational time dilation. What would really happen to a human in a temporal frame where time slowed down (as it did on the water planet in Interstellar, where 1 hour on ...
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Was the time dilation caused by Miller's planet or the close proximity to the Gargantua black hole?

In the movie Interstellar, is the time dilation the team suffers on the water planet Miller caused by the proximity of the planet to Gargantua or by the planet's gravitational pull? In the beginning ...
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How to explain the ages of Valentine and Peter in Ender's game

In the end of Ender's Game, it says that Valentine was 25 and Peter was 77, which would mean that he was 52 years older than her. However, Valentine was originally only 2 years younger than him. This ...
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story about an ark on land demonstrating time dilation [duplicate]

I'm looking for a story about an ark on land where the people who live in the ark are pulling the ark along. If they travel forward of the ark, time speeds up, if they travel in a reverse direction ...
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Story [novel, novella?] that featured faster-than-light or hyperdrive gained from observing distant drive use, also had a sentient star

I have little recollection when I read this, but it started with people observing indications of some special engine use many lightyears away, and it led them to 'reverse-engineer' the traces to ...
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How much time passed on Earth during the Enterprise's 5 year mission in space?

In Star trek TOS, I take the "Five year mission" to mean 5 years aboard the Starship. Do they explain in any of the novels, or anywhere else for that matter, how many years elapsed on Earth during the ...
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Are there examples of sub-light propulsion that are not subject to time dilation?

A common theme in space sci-fi are means of moving faster than the speed of light without experiencing the effects of time dilation (to a substantial enough degree, anyways). Such methods often use ...
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