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This tag is to be applied for works where a time loop is a primary part of the plot, namely that some event (sometimes a fixed time period and sometimes the death of the protagonist) results in time being rewound repeatedly. Not to be confused with the Regression genre where the protagonist is sent back in time once to "set things right".

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Story ID: Time machine that can only move forward loops past Big Crunch/Big Bang

Trying to ID a short story I would have read in the late 70s, maybe early 80s. Because of the type of story collections I was reading at the time, I'm positive it was older, probably from the 50s or ...
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Manga where the main character goes back in time or respawn after death

I'm looking for a manga I read before, but forgot the title. It was about a guy who is finding a way out of a dungeon and when he dies he goes back in time. There's one chapter where he saw a girl who ...
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Time loop story involving gypsy curse

Back in the 90's I read a book that either was the whole book or just a short story in it which had a guy stuck in a time loop he eventually discovers is caused by a gypsy who cursed him because his ...
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