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For questions concerning the legendary "Time War" in Doctor Who canon. Always use in conjunction with the [doctor-who] tag.

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Doctor Who: How do you fight a time war and its consequences?

When Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005, one of the main themes since then was the "Last Great Time War" that pitted the Daleks against the Time Lords. But how did the Daleks and the Timelords ...
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Why did the Time Lords lose the Time War?

With current information available about the Time War, how did the Time Lords end up losing the Time War? What where the reason or reasons behind the Time Lords losing the Time War so badly, that in ...
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Why did the 11th Doctor hate the War Doctor?

So the Doctor of War broke the promise, because he joined the Time War, but why did the 11th Doctor hate him so much for it until Day of the Doctor?
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Why does the Doctor blame Rassilon for the Horrors of the Time War?

In Doctor Who (2005) S9E12, the Doctor is hell bent on (among other things) chasing Rassilon off of Gallifrey. An exchange between Ohila, the High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn, tells Rassilon ...
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Why weren't the Sontarans allowed to fight in the Last Great Time War?

There are several stories where it seems the Sontarans had not acquired the secrets of time travel (though they did invade Galiffrey in the Invasion of Time and they were interested in the time ...
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Did the Doctor in fact kill the Time Lords?

Ok so, in the season 1 episode The Dalek when the Doctor confronts the Dalek he says that he made them burn, then says that the Time Lords burned with them... so in killing the Daleks did he in fact ...
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How many beings died during the Time War?

In the Time War, nearly all of the Daleks were destroyed, and the Time Lords disappeared. Other races were partially or fully wiped out by side effects of the fighting. Is it ever revealed how many ...
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Is this Doctor Who character the Nightmare Child?

In series 9 episode 6 of Doctor Who, when the Doctor revisits she’s known across the land as the Nightmare. I watched a YouTube video which goes through Doctor Who easter eggs, and it says that she ...
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Have there been multiple time wars?

They mention "The Last Great Time War" in Doctor Who. Assuming that the one they talk about is the last, have there been other time wars in Doctor Who? Have they ever been mentioned in the classics?
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When do we find out about The Doctor ending the Time War?

In 2005 Series 1, when do we find out that The Doctor himself destroyed Gallifrey, the Time Lords, and the Daleks?
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In Doctor Who, why don't the Doctor and gang bump into other traveling Timelords?

If all Timelords can travel back and forth through time, despite being wiped out of civilization, shouldn't the doctor and gang have bumped into one or two at this point? Pre Time War Timelords ...
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How was Clara able to visit the Doctor as a child if Gallifrey is on lockdown?

In recent episode of Doctor Who ‘Listen’, Clara ends up in Gallifrey grabbing the Doctor's feet under his bed. That's not supposed to happen is it? I was under the impression that Gallifrey was on a ...
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Winning the Time War By Regenerating

I was watching the Doctor Who Special where Matt Smith Regenerated into Peter Capaldi and I noticed that he destroyed the Dalek fleet in his regeneration cycle. During the events of the time war when ...
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What was the role of the Shadow Proclamation in the Time War?

I have watched only the post 2005 episodes. The Shadow Proclamation is the highest authority in the entire universe. I mean they are the Police guys and law-keepers. I had a doubt if any other ...
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How many Time Lords are there after Time War?

How many Time Lords are there after Time War? EDIT: Of course we know now that
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Is the "Time War" introduced only in "new" Doctor Who?

A central plot element of the "new" Doctor Who series is the Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords. I never really watched the sixth or seventh Doctors, and haven't seen the eighth doctor ...
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