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For questions about Titan A.E., an animated science fiction film released in 2000. There is also a novelization, a comic series, and three prequel novels.

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Wouldn't the Drej just destroy New Earth?

In Titan A.E. the human race is able to create a new planet, New Earth (Planet Bob). What's stopping the Drej from just destroying that planet too? The only thing I can think of is that the Drej ship ...
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Where can I find the names of the vessels in Titan AE?

I would like to know the sources of the names of the vessels in Titan AE, besides the Titan. The Don Bluth Wiki and Wikipedia both say that Korso's ship is the Valkyrie, and the repaired ship Cale ...
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14 votes
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In Titan A.E. why do the Drej want to destroy humans?

I recently saw the movie again, and I got this doubt in my mind since they don't specify a reasonable reason of why the Drej want to destroy the Titan and the Human race. The only thing I know is ...
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Explaining Preed's behaviour in Titan A.E

In the, now rather venerable, animated science fiction movie Titan A.E. there is a scene in which Preed and Gune are left to watch out for Drej as the rest of the crew visit the Gaoul to ask them ...
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