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A fictional character. Tom Swift first appeared in 1910, and has had new adventures as recently as 2007.

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Is there an in-universe reason why the Hardy Boys don't always have access to Tom Swift-level technology?

The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift have many crossover adventures. This clearly implies they're in the same universe. Obviously, the Hardy Boys have full access to Tom Swift-level technology in the ...
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A Christian Science Fiction Series Kind of Like Tom Swift?

When I was in, like, 5th grade, I stumbled across a story that read very much like something from the Tom Swift, Jr, series. It had a plucky young hero, and his trusty sidekick who was mostly there ...
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This may be a "Tom Swift" story, I need your help

I've been remembering the name Tom Swift from countless upon countless of books I read as a young boy (80s). I've googled the name and found two main sites: Τοm Swift Jr and List of Tom Swift Books . ...
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Acceleration of Cosmotron Express in Tom Swift Jr Vol 32

In 'Tom Swift and his Cosmotron Express' (1970) by Victor Appleton II, Tom invents his fastest spaceship that can go to the moon in 3 hours and tour all the planets in the solar system in 2.5-3 days. ...
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