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Total Recall is a scifi film, first released in 1990. A man with implanted memories believes he is a secret agent on the run.

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Does Total Recall 2070 (1999) draw from the same source material as Total Recall (1990) and Total Recall (2012)?

I've seen pieces of the 1990 Total Recall and all of 2012's Total Recall, as well as the pilot for Total Recall 2070*. As far as I can tell, Total Recall (2012) is just a remake of Total Recall (1990),...
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In Total Recall (1990), why are the choices "wanton" and "demure" selected before Quaid even tells Dr. Lull?

In the movie, Dr. Lull asks Quaid how he likes his women: demure, aggressive, sleazy? Quaid replies sleazy, but wanton is selected before he even says it. Likewise, before he says demure, demure is ...
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Did Total Recall inspire the famous red pill/blue pill scene?

In the 1990 film Total Recall, Dr. Edgemar tells Quaid he is suffering from a 'delusion caused by acute neurochemical trauma'; and the first step to wake up from this delusion is to swallow a red ...
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Total Recall. Mars' temperature after getting an atmosphere

After Quaid starts the reactor and Mars gains an atmosphere, would the temperature be comfortable enough for human habitation?
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Why was Quaid so sure about starting the reactor (Total Recall)?

In Total Recall, Quaid, after meeting Kuato, seems to be certain that starting the reactor was a good idea This idea seems to have been given to him by Kuato (his final words were to start the ...
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Why did a bead of sweat/tear suffice for Quaid to recognize that this is reality?

There is one thing about the two Total Recall movies which I have wondered about all the time. In the original film a doctor came to Quaid to try to persuade him that he is not in reality but stuck ...
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Did Douglas Quaid experience total recall in Total Recall?

Were the events in the movie a part of the Recall holiday package, or did the Recall procedure cause Quaid to suffer total recall and remember memories which had been supposedly erased? An answer from ...
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Why is Melina in the database at Rekall?

Melina moonlights as a model? Why is she in the database?
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What happened to the missing Martians from the 1990 movie Total Recall?

What happened to the missing Martians from the 1990 movie Total Recall? I'm not asking about the newer remake, as it deviates greatly from the Schwarzenegger film. Does the answer lie in the Phillip K....
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Why was film's setting changed from Mars to Earth in the remake?

In the first movie (1990), Douglas Quaid dreams of Mars and a big part of the story takes place on Mars. Even the Philip K Dick story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale is based on Mars. But in 2012 ...
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Hauser's Mission

If Hauser's memory was wiped and he was never supposed to go to Rekall, what was his mission supposed to be? It seems that if not for him going to Rekall without anyone knowing he would have just live ...
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Mars' moons sizes in Total Recall (1990)

In the first sequence of Total Recall (1990) we see a shot of the two Mars moons (Phobos and Deimos) in the horizon. Is this the correct moon sizes for an observer in the surface of Mars? Shouldn't ...
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Did Total Recall take place as the induced dream Douglas chose or as a real event in the movie?

Douglas goes out of consciousness; and as soon as he does, the movie picks up as if he's really an agent and needs to save Mars. Another way to take it — is that the whole thing really happened as a ...
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Would an unprotected human exposed to the Martian atmosphere be able to recover?

In Total Recall, Arnolds character is exposed to the Martian atmosphere without a spacesuit and recovers. It seems unlikely that anyone could survive, not even Arnold. How long could an unprotected ...
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What was the mineral turbinium being used for?

In the movie Total Recall humans are on Mars mining the exotic mineral turbinium. Was it ever explained in canon what this mineral was being used for?
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Wasn't there going to be a different ending to Total Recall originally?

I once heard that Total Recall was going to have a different ending in which the lead character awoke - the whole story was not real but created by Rekall. Is that correct?
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