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Questions tagged [total-recall-2012]

A 2012 science fiction film about a man with implanted memories.

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Does Total Recall 2070 (1999) draw from the same source material as Total Recall (1990) and Total Recall (2012)?

I've seen pieces of the 1990 Total Recall and all of 2012's Total Recall, as well as the pilot for Total Recall 2070*. As far as I can tell, Total Recall (2012) is just a remake of Total Recall (1990),...
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Why did a bead of sweat/tear suffice for Quaid to recognize that this is reality?

There is one thing about the two Total Recall movies which I have wondered about all the time. In the original film a doctor came to Quaid to try to persuade him that he is not in reality but stuck ...
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How true to the book is the Total Recall remake?

In reading this question I learned that Total Recall was based on a book, and that the original Total Recall was not very much like the book at all. Is the rebooted Total Recall truer to the book We ...
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Why was film's setting changed from Mars to Earth in the remake?

In the first movie (1990), Douglas Quaid dreams of Mars and a big part of the story takes place on Mars. Even the Philip K Dick story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale is based on Mars. But in 2012 ...
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In Total Recall 2012, how could they build that rail system with so few people left on Earth?

Let's assume between the two regions there are 250,000,000 people between the two sites with a smattering of robotic help, (robots were used primarily for security/police services). The tube could not ...
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