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For questions about "Toy Story", a 1995 computer-animated film produced by Pixar. For questions about its sequels see [toy-story-2], [toy-story-3] and [toy-story-4].

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toy story 2 who is the guy who plays as the other buzz lightyear [closed]

so in toy story 2 there are many many many (buzz lightyear) from whom (the buzz lightyear) are all from different (places) then the original buzz nor the woody. so who are the actor of these other ...
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Can Buzz Lightyear really fly? [duplicate]

I saw at the end of the first Toy Story movie that Buzz Lightyear could fly, even though he wasn't able to at first. Why is this? Could Buzz fly all along or not?
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About To Re-Watch The Toy Story Franchise, What is the Best Order?

So, the material listed is as follows: Lightyear (Upcoming film) - Meant to be the story of the real Buzz Lightyear that inspired the toy of the same name. Toy Story Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Toy ...
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Has Forky's personality changed between "Toy Story 4" and "Forky Asks A Question"?

In the new TV Show "Forky Asks A Question", Forky seems to have severe ADHD. He can't focus for more than two seconds, and interrupts each conversation with comments unrelated to the question at hand. ...
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In Toy Story, are toys the only inanimate objects that become alive? And if so, why?

In Toy Story, the toys are alive. Do any non-toys display this characteristic as well? I don't believe so. If it is true that only toys can come alive, is it ever explained exactly why toys, and only ...
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How come there aren’t any Mira Nova toys?

In case none of you have seen Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Mira Nova is the female lead in it. She is the Princess of the planet Tangea and joins Buzz Lightyear’s partner team of Team Lightyear. ...
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In Toy Story, is Bo Peep’s name really Bo Peep?

I’ve read an account about someone’s grandmother having porcelain figures with names like “princess.” Is it possible that Andy just CALLS her Bo Peep while her ACTUAL name would be something like “...
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Could Buzz Lightyear really fly in Toy Story?

I am referring to one of the last scenes in Toy Story, when Woody and Buzz land inside Andy´s car through the sunroof. Before that (in Sid's house) Buzz tried but couldn't fly and lost his arm. But ...
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At what point do toys (like Buzz and Mr. Potato Head) come alive?

Throughout the Toy Story series, we see toys in various states of assembly. Most toys are fully built and put together, but many of Sid's toys are ripped apart and scrambled, and Mr. Potato Head is ...
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Why doesn't Buzz reveal to Andy that he is alive?

In Pixar's Toy Story, we see that: Toys are not restricted from movement, speech or other signs of "life" in front of humans; and Buzz Lightyear does not know (or believe) that he is a toy. So, why ...
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Why was Woody unaware of his toy backstory when Buzz knew his?

Inspired by Why doesn't Buzz know he's a toy?, Buzz Lightyear believed his toy backstory was that he was a a space ranger out to defeat Emperor Zurg, as described on the back of his box. The ...
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Why doesn't Buzz know he's a toy?

In the Toy Story films it seems like nearly all toys know that they are toys meant for children to play with. However Buzz Lightyear (and other Buzz Lightyear toys like him) thinks he's a real space ...
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Do Andy and Riley live in the same world?

Barring large scale theories about interconnected universes, and looking at a slightly more realistic point of view, can we say that Andy from Toy Story and Riley from Inside Out live in the same &...
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